Higher English


18 Aug 2021


04 May 2022

The main purpose of the Course is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop the skills of listening, talking, reading and writing in order to understand and use language. Applications for 2021/2022 are now closed.

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Higher English


From 18:00 - 21:00 on Wednesday evening for 33 weeks


Entry requirements

Learners would normally be expected to have attained the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the following or equivalent qualifications and/or experience: National 5 English Course or similar. Consideration will be given to mature students who do not have this qualification but can display relevant learning/experience. Candidates wishing to undertake this course will be required to complete a questionnaire and also attend a pre-course interview before a firm offer of place is made.Students need to be able to access ICT in order to access revision material.Please note Students will be required to commit a significant amount of reading, preparation and personal study outwith class time approx. 3 5 hours per week.

Progression opportunities

Advanced Higher English


You will be required to pass all of the Units as well as the Course assessment.Campus attendance required for all assessments.

Course Content

As learners develop their literacy skills, they will be able to process information more easily, apply knowledge of language in practical and relevant contexts, and gain confidence to undertake new and more challenging tasks in a variety of situations.Building on literacy skills, the Course develops understanding of the complexities of language, including through the study of a wide range of texts. The Course develops high levels of analytical thinking and understanding of the impact of language.There are two mandatory units:1) Analysis and Evaluation The purpose of this Unit is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop listening and reading skills in the contexts of literature, language and media. Learners develop the skills needed to understand, analyse and evaluate detailed and complex texts. 2) Creation and Production The purpose of this Unit is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop talking and writing skills in a wide range of contexts. Learners develop the skills needed to create and produce detailed and complex language in both written and oral forms.You will be required to pass all of the units as well as the Course assessment.The Course offers learners opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills. In particular, to develop the ability to: listen, talk, read and write, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context.understand, analyse and evaluate texts, including Scottish texts, as appropriate to purpose and audience in the contexts of literature, language and media.create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context.apply knowledge and understanding of language. Learners will provide evidence of their reading and writing skills, and their ability to understand and use English language. The Course assessment will take the form of a portfolio question paper through which learners will demonstrate their reading and writing skills. Learners will answer at least one question on a Scottish text.NB: The purpose of this fact sheet is to give you an indication of the content of the course and also the level at which the course is set. Please read the fact sheet carefully and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the College.The College may make a change to a course where it is reasonable for the College to do so. A change could involve the replacement of a course with a new course, variations to course content or structure, the merger of courses or the withdrawal of a course.If there is a change to a course you have either booked a place on, or expressed an interest in, the College will let you know as soon as possible. By booking a place or expressing an interest in a course, you agree to these rules about changes to courses.


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