Higher Chemistry


09 Aug 2021


05 May 2022

The course aims to develop an appreciation of the impact of Chemistry on everyday life by applying the knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts in practical situations.Applications for 2021/2022 are now closed.

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Higher Chemistry


From 18:00 - 21:00 on Thursday evening for 33 weeks


Entry requirements

The course is suitable for candidates who are secure in their attainment of National 5 Chemistry or an equivalent qualification. It may also be suitable for those wishing to study chemistry for the first time. Candidates should consider the depth and breadth of this qualification in terms of academic demands before applying.

Progression opportunities

Advanced Higher Chemistry (subject to change by SQA)


Students will be required to sit one exam at the end of the year however, progression tests will be held throughout the year to gauge pupils learning. Campus attendance required for all assessments.

Course Content

The course provides opportunities to think analytically, creatively and independently, and to make reasoned evaluations.Candidates gain an understanding of chemical bonding and intermolecular forces that allows them to predict the physical properties of materials. They apply a knowledge of functional groups and organic reaction types to solve problems in a range of diverse contexts.Candidates also learn important chemical concepts used to take a chemical process from the researcher's bench through to industrial production. The concept of the mole allows the quantities of reagents required to be calculated, and the quantity of products predicted. By studying energy, rates and equilibria, candidates can suggest how reaction conditions can be chosen to maximise the profitability of an industrial process. Candidates learn about industrial analytical chemistry techniques, such as volumetric analysis and chromatography.Candidates develop a range of skills that are valued in the workplace, providing a secure foundation for the study of chemistry in further and higher education. The course also provides a knowledge base that is useful in the study of other sciences.In order to complete this course, learners will be required to pass an exam which will cover content from the entirety of the course.NB: The purpose of this information is to give you an indication of the content of the course and also the level at which the course is set. Please read carefully and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the College.Important InformationThe College may make a change to a course where it is reasonable for the College to do so. A change could involve the replacement of a course with a new course, variations to course content or structure, the merger of courses or the withdrawal of a course. If there is a change to a course you have either booked a place on, or expressed an interest in, the College will let you know as soon as possible. By booking a place or expressing an interest in a course, you agree to these rules about changes to courses.


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